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Digitization Services

Our experience in document and scanning services range from complex technical manual conversion to records conversion.  Our team has converted flat graphic into rasterized, vector-based graphics, breathing new life into older graphics and documents.

TDXNet took part in the Native American Document Conversion Program (NADCP) as a subcontractor and part owner of IITC (Intertribal Information Technology Company).  The program was designed to promote, educate, and provide jobs thus developing economic growth for the Native American population through data management and technology services to the U.S. Department of Defense.

TDXNet has preformed work on fifteen (15) separate deliver orders under the NADCP program as well as supported the document conversion needs of our sister companies, with work ranging from AutoCAD graphic conversion to scanning paper to PDF.

Graphics Conversion

Video Tracing™ : This process takes your original paper graphic and utilizes proprietary technology purchased from 4-Ward Technologies, Inc. This method digitally traces the original document into AutoCAD as it is viewed in 6x magnification through a video projector. The traced graphic image can remain in an AutoCAD format, or can be converted to a variety of other formats.

Scanning to Raster with Data Conversion to Vector Graphics
: This process takes your original paper graphic and scans it into a raster based graphic format. The raster is then converted into a vector based graphic.

Scanning to Raster
: High volume scanning to traditional raster formats as well (tif, bmp, jpeg). This service can also include digital cleaning/editing of your original images.

Text Conversion

Scanning Paper to SGML/XML or electronic documents to SGML/XML: This process takes your original paper or electronic documents and converts them to SGML/XML. These formats have a variety of applications and allow for extensive re-use and re-purposing of content. Among the many applications for these formats, SGML/XML is ideal for web-based viewing and publishing as well as high volume report distribution.

Scanning Paper to PDF
: Although we specialize in SGML/XML conversion, PDF has long been considered the gold standard of electronic document formats; thus, we provide this service as well. This process takes your paper documents, scans them and converts them to PDF format. The functionality of the PDF format is highly variable; consult with us to ascertain your desired level of functionality.

Scanning Paper to Native Formats
: This process takes your paper original, scans it and converts it into “native formats” (i.e., MS Word, WordPerfect, Excel, etc.). This process is ideal for archived materials that you need electronically.

Last Update:06/13/2013