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Telecommunications Services

CEI, a Division of TDXNet LLC, is a telecommunications provider of superior infrastructure installation services. CEI continues to work with managers, building owners, commercial and government entities, and regional partnerships, to develop projects.

Our ability to assess and assist clients to determine what type of infrastructure installation is appropriate for various types of projects leads to quality you can trust. Our experience, knowledge and ability to design, build and install all communications infrastructure can enable our clients to make informed decisions resulting in cost savings and prompt delivery. Our team of professionals is committed to providing our valued customers and partners with responsible project management practices.

Inside Plant Installation
Our extensive experience with inside plant installation allows our customers, throughout the government and commercial arena, to receive outstanding quality to NIPERnet and SIPRnet infrastructure design.

Outside Plant Installation

Our teams of professionals, each with no less than 10 years experience, has over 100 miles of outside plant work experience and provide the latest technology in fiber telecommunication services in home and commercially.

Low Voltage Electrical
Our C-License to operate in the State of Hawaii as a general contractor allows us to install low-voltage circuits when the need arises.

Services: Standards and Certifications:
  • Inside & Outside Plant Installation
  • Low Voltage Electrical
  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Aerial Fiber Installation
  • Fiber Optic Networking
  • Fiber Cable Testing & Certification
  • Data and Voice Network
  • Copper Voice and Data
  • Communications Installation
  • CTB Installation
  • Telecommunications Consulting
  • Army I3A
  • UFC 3-580-1 Telecommunications Building Cabling Systems Planning and Design
  • UFC 3-580-2 Telecommunications Systems Outside Plant Cable System Planning and Design
  • Protected Distribution Systems
  • Corning Certified
  • Panduit Certified
  • Belden Certified

DUNS: 966756061
CAGE: 694B6
238210  - Electrical and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
237130  - Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction
517110  - Wired Telecommunications
517919  - All Other Telecommunications

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Last Update: 06/13/2013